K-Laser Treatment

How does the treatment work?

K-laser treatment is an amazing new laser technology for the removal of benign lesions such as moles, skin tags and pigmentation. Fast healing, minimal scarring, minimal pain and down time. You could get it done in your lunchtime!


Common Questions and Answers below

What can I expect from K-laser treatment?

1 or 2 treatments are generally sufficient to remove the mole or lesion. Each mole usually only takes a minute or two to remove. There can be some discomfort, with a sharp stinging sensation that lasts for a few seconds with each application of the laser to the treated area, but this settles quickly and by the end of the treatment on the mole or lesion, it can barely be felt. Local anaesthetic can be used if necessary.

Am I a suitable candidate for K-laser treatment?

Most benign moles and lesions can be treated, but you require a referral letter from your doctor or skin cancer specialist to show that your moles and lesions are benign and are suitable to be removed using K-laser. A referral must be no older than 12 months (if your Dermal Clinician/Practice Nurse sees a spot of concern they may refer you for another assessment before agreeing to treat the lesion).

A combined initial consultation and treatment session will be booked with one of our Dermal Specialists (Dermal Clinician/Practice Nurse), which is allocated for an hour.

What can I expect regarding the results from K-laser?

Generally, results are seen immediately, however often there is some redness of the skin that will fade within a few weeks.

Your Dermal Clinician/Practice Nurse will review your result 4 weeks post treatment to determine if a second treatment in necessary. If a second treatment is required, this will be booked in at 8 weeks post original treatment.

Is there any post treatment care following K-laser?

A small dressing is applied over the treated area which must remain intact and kept dry for the first 48 hours. Heat inducing activities need to be avoided for the first 48hrs. Pools, spas, and saunas need to be avoided for 1 week. Post 48 hours, you will be advised to apply an antibiotic ointment twice a day until healed, this is provided with your written post treatment instructions.

What is the approximate price range for K-laser removal of moles and benign lesions?

$300 for single mole or benign lesion

$400 for multiple moles or benign lesions (max 4) Additional moles/benign lesion(s) $200 per moles/benign

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