Ganglions are among the most common tumors of the hand and wrist.


Ganglions are tumours that commonly occur on the hand and wrist. Mainly they are purely cosmetic and provide no real threat to the function of the limb.

Ganglion cysts are mainly benign. They usually occur in the joints or tendons of the hand or wrist, and are often accompanied by pain. While they generally pose no large risk it is still important to have these removed as the threat cannot be measured until they are excised and analysed in a lab.

What causes these cysts?

The cause of Ganglion cysts are still unclear, however it has been theorised that it is associated with specific strains or sprains of the wrist or due to repetitive motions of the wrist.

How do I know if I have this cyst?

In most cases these kinds of cysts will form a large lump which is highly visible on the wrist; this is a clear indicator of a Ganglion cyst however while common this is not always the case. It has also been found that the cyst can grow underneath the tendons of the wrist, which are not obvious or visible to the patient. These visibly undetectable cysts are often the ones that cause the most pain.

Treating Ganglion cysts that are painful or causing issues for the patient, we will generally recommend surgery. Normally treatment is not required however as most Ganglions tend to resolve over a period of a few years without side-effect.

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