We currently do not offer Laser Hair Removal as a service.


ProWave laser hair removal technology combines unrivalled treatment speed with optimal results and safety.

Waxing and shaving can be a thing of the past thanks to ProWaves newest technology. Multiple wavelengths switch from Alexandrite to Diode with versatility and speed to optimize hair removal efficacy.

For those with the darker IV – VI the ND-Yag laser with its 1064nm will effectively remove hair without the risk of hypopigmentation or ‘whitening’ of the treated area which can result when using IPL. 4-6 treatments will permanently remove up to 80% of hair.

As hair grows in different cycles, the first phase known as ‘anagen’ is when best results are achieved. Therefore 4 – 6 treatments are usually desirable for optimum results allowing 80% permanent hair reduction. Prowave is suitable for brown to black hair on all parts of the body for up to Skin Type III on the Fitzpatrick skin scale.

During the treatments most clients experience a mild pinching or stinging sensation. 3-7 days after the treatment you will experience regrowth, as the shaft of the hair is shed post removal of the bulb.

The combination of these two technologies offers a long- term solution for hair removal/reduction for all skin types.